Playing online games is one of the favorite things to do for both young and old. There are several popular online games available and one of them the game called “Basher”.

This is basically a simple game which you can play directly online or you can download and install it to your mobile phone or computer so that you can play it anytime and anywhere even if you are offline.

This game features several bricks on display. The main goal is to smash all these bricks in order to complete the level. The bricks are going to smash using a ball that hits it as the game starts. The players of the game Basher should make sure that the ball will always be caught by the bar below so as not to lose a life.

This bar is controlled by the player using a mouse. The bricks in this game are arranged in various forms and sizes depending on the level that you are in. There are fifteen levels in this game and the difficulty increases as to jump to a higher level.

Some of the bricks in this game have special powers which the player can get once they hit the particular brick, once these special powers appear, the player should make sure that it will be caught by the bar so that they can use it in order to break all the bricks much faster.

The game Basher is definitely fun and enjoyable. It is a great way to enjoy your vacant time.

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