Popular Game

There several online games that are freely available to the public. And one of the most popularly played online game is the Basher. This game is popular because it is easy to play and yet challenging enough. It is commonly played by adults and children alike especially during their free time.

The main goal of the game is pretty simple and that is to hit and smash all the bricks without letting the ball slip from the bar. Only when all the bricks are smashed will you be able to proceed to the next level. It is basically as simple as that. However, finishing each level is also challenging because it takes time to hit all the bricks while at the same time saving the ball from slipping from the bar.

Playing this game for the first time will give you three available lives. Each of this life will be lost once the ball is not caught by the bar. And once all three lives are lost, the game is over. It is also important to note that the levels are still locked on your first try but will eventually be locked one by one as you complete each level.

The game Basher is definitely a perfect game to enjoy your pastime. It provides fun and enjoyment while relaxing. It has been played by many people all around the world and has been very popular. It is perhaps an excellent way of making your time worthwhile and well spent.

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